Alize Cornet (@2.8) vs Sofia Kenin (@1.44)

Our Prediction:

Sofia Kenin will win

Alize Cornet – Sofia Kenin Match Prediction | 12-09-2019 04:00

To put it simply, if you and your friend were to bet on different results in the aforementioned match, only one of you would win but the bookmaker still manages to make money thanks to the margin involved. Betting operators are in this business for a profit and by adjusting the odds in order to attract the right amount of bets they are able to generate profit regardless of the outcome.

Kenin has split her last eight matches on hard court. Sofia Kenin is coming off a straight sets win over Kirsten Flipkens that took 24 games to decide. Kenin won 66 percent of her total service points and produced four breaks on 12 break points. In the victory, Kenin won 75 percent of her first serve points and 45 percent of her second serve points. Kenin has won all six of her sets this tournament and gives herself a chance to continue moving on if she once again gets 60-plus percent of her first serves in play. You can see the confidence growing in the 20-year-old Kenin, as this has a chance to be the biggest moment of her young career. Kenin has a chance to make her first ever WTA singles final appearance.

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Draw is not the outcome you get in tennis, however. Probability percentage differs depending on the number of outcomes available whereas the bookmakers analyse probability based on a number of factors. Bookmakers measure the chances for an outcome and translate it into odds through the laws of probability. Take any event you want and you will see that there is a certain number of outcomes for it a different number which usually depends on the sport. In football you have a Home Win, Draw and an Away Win.

Cornet loves these courts and hasnt come close to dropping a set, let alone a match. Its tough to go against Kenin in this spot when you consider she probably wants it more and has played well enough to make her first final appearance. However, experience matters at this point in the tournament and its easier to trust Cornets nerves over the younger player who turned 20 years old a couple of months ago.

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Sofia Kenin vs Alize Cornet WTA Hobart 2019 - SF. Jan 11th.

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